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Dufy by Design,The Fabric Designs of Raoul Dufy

currently available for loan to museums and exhibition spaces.   Contact us for a schedule or if you would like to bring it to your region.

At the time of Raoul Dufy’s death in 1953, art historians and art critics were unanimous in their recognition and praise for the imagination, inventiveness, and mastery of color and light that characterized all of his work. However, increasingly during the past sixty years, Dufy has been viewed exclusively as a painter—while in reality, his paintings were just one part of a tremendous breadth and diversity of artistic creation.

In addition to creating several thousand oil and watercolor paintings, and almost 1,000 drawings, he illustrated about fifty literary works with wood engravings, lithographs, etchings, watercolors, and drawings; and he made more than 200 ceramic pieces, almost fifty tapestries, and about 5,000 fabric designs. His stage sets, murals, and monumental decorations are among the most important of the time.

Dufy transformed the face of fashion and fabric design, and formulated practically all modern fabric design between 1909 and 1930. His style radically influenced the popular arts and the commercial design of the Western world. Even today, his vision influences the color, design, texture, and imagery of a wide range of products such as book covers, perfumes, posters and stage décor, and textiles for furniture and clothing.